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The annual BLK JOY Fest is a vibrant and empowering festival that celebrates Black joy, culture, and community while promoting the sharing of community resources and tools. It is a joyful and inclusive event that brings people together to enjoy music, art, food, and various forms of entertainment. In addition to the festivities, BLK JOY Fest provides a platform for community members to share valuable resources, knowledge, and tools that empower individuals within the Black community. It showcases Black excellence, talent, and creativity while fostering a sense of pride, unity, and collaboration. Through workshops, exhibitions, and interactive experiences, BLK JOY Fest encourages the exchange of ideas, skills, and resources that support personal and community growth. This festival creates a space for connection, celebration, and shared experiences, where the Black community can come together to uplift one another and build a stronger, more resilient future.

On the Phone


Through social media, the Commission engages with community members by sharing current information on various illnesses, specifically COVID-19 and current events  impact the Black communities more than other races. The Commission also takes the opportunity to educate the audience and provide historical context on matters that affect the overall health of Black individuals in America.



Village Talks are community gatherings that promote open dialogue and inclusive conversations. They provide a safe and respectful environment for diverse community members to discuss important issues, share ideas, and work towards solutions. These talks are community-driven, encouraging active participation and fostering a problem-solving and action-oriented approach. Village Talks aim to create positive change within the community by addressing a wide range of topics and promoting community-led initiatives.



This initiative helps us ensure that our partners are supported with volunteers to complete projects such as harvesting the local farm, phone banking during the election season and more

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